Bowen Mountain

Project Location

Bowen Mountain

Project Type

Excavation & Residential Retaining Walls




Consultation, Supervision of other trades, such as Structural Engineer, Excavation Works, Concreting Works, Low Voltage Lighting, Retaining Walls, Drainage, Garden Works, Lawn Works and Planting Plan.

A typical Bowen Mountain Project, it was steep. Under the over grown shrubs & ground cover was a poorly built, rotten and collapsing timber retaining wall.

We removed the old sleeper wall and reshaped the embankment to improve garden maintenance, drainage and enable additional parking on the property.

A Structural Engineer was engaged to design a strong, low maintenance and cost effective retaining wall. We constructed the wall using the large C & M blocks. Specialised no-fines concrete was used in the walls backfill so maximum heights could be reached.

Due to the steep driveway the new walls have low voltage lights highlighting a safe route to the front door. Other lights show off feature plantings and the upper car bay. The client has their input with plants chosen by them.

This was a major project completed in a number of sections. We believe it has resulted in a safer home, capital improvement into the property and a better place to live.