Sackville North

Project Location

Sackville North

Project Type

Commercial, Environmental Educational Center




Demolition of old pond edge, Resealing of a pond, Installation of sandstone flagging, Supervision of Other trades (Shade Umbrella’s),
Re-establishment of gardens.

The project was to upgrade the old and failing bottom fish & frog pond. In it’s current form the edges were uneven and un-safe for the school children as they collected water samples. The pond had a series of cracks, suffered from stormwater run-off and was over grown with plants.

The pond was pressure washed clean, cracks repaired and then painted with a series of cement based coatings to re-seal. The final coating included a nature colour tone finish. The ponds edge was improved for greater water edge access. This was achieved by constructing a sandstone flagging coping edge with a over-flow outlet.

The surrounds included large sandstone boulders for retaining, native grass plantings and the creation of an outdoor class room. The pond and class room area is now shaded by a commercial grade Umbrella which spans 5 meters across and is fully adjustable to maximize the shade coverage.

The completed project allowed the client’s to teach the students in a safer situation and under the protection of shade. Local natural products where used to maintain the natural setting. The Principle and Staff are thrilled with the final result of the Landscape. The student’s have benefited along with the local frog population. For me this project was pleasure to complete as it combines a great setting in the Hawkesbury, use of natural landscape products and consideration to the environment.