Project Location

North Wilberforce

Project Type

Excavation, Residential Retaining Walls and Planter Box Gardens




Consultation, Supervision of other trades, such as Excavation Works, HNL Retaining Walls, Drainage, Garden Works, Water Systems, Lawn Works and Planting Plan.

My clients were concerned about the vastness of the open front yard. The property has a gentle slope across the property but also steep towards the home. We have already completed drainage lines across the home which now stops flooding towards the front door.

The design was to start changing some levels, break up the large front yard and increase shade. Heron Retaining Wall blocks were used to create terraced gardens with highlighted planter boxes. My design was to increase wall heights in stages thus creating seating levels and feature sections.

Carefull consideration was made with our Planting Design. Feature shade trees included Gordonia, Magnolia, Tibouchinia and Tristaniopsis. Small shrubs were made up of compact growing habits thus reducing later maintenance costs.

We started our new works from either end of the home with the long term goal linking both sections with similar design and large access steps to feature gardens, shade trees and seating areas on the top level.

This was a major project completed in a number of sections. We believe it is the start of the transformation from a property into a Rural Estate.